All New Reef-Safe, Kid Friendly Sunscreen Stick!

Check out our ZERO Waste Sunscreen, Plastic-Free, Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly!

What is the cost of protecting our oceans?


biodegradable zero waste eco friendly natural deodorant cardboard


Not as much as you think.



90% of all trash floating on the ocean is plastic, contributing to the death of over 100,000 marine mammals every year.

50% of plastic we use, we use JUST ONCE and throw away!



Please choose to reduce plastic consumption.

zero waste biodegradable natural deodorant earth friendly

Choose biodegradable.


zero waste plastic free eco-friendly biodegradable natural deodorant.100% Earth Loving and Eco-Friendly Cardboard Packaging is Biodegradable and helps to alleviate the environmental burden of additional plastic waste created by the cosmetics industry. Buy Now.



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we're super nice

This stuff cuts right through the funk.

Justin H.

This is extraordinary deodorant – extremely long lasting without some funky, too sweet scent. There is the added feature of ozone therapy built in to it as well. You won't use anything else after discovering this stuff.

B. Long

Love this deodorant. It's not like the other 'all natural' one that I use which doesn't last more than 30 minutes. This one lasts all day and it actually has a scent that lasts all day too...

M Lynn

Trying to find aluminum-free deodorant that works is next to impossible. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this product. I really seems to work all day...

Sheri G