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January 2017

ZERO3 Deodorant

The Sensitive Skin Deodorant

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ZERO3 Deodorant is all natural and the ingredients consist of just shea butter, beeswax and oxygen. How does it work? Simply! ZERO3 Deodorant uses a patented natural deodorant technology that kills odor causing bacteria with oxygen. It’s a process that we developed using ozone to treat shea butter. That’s as far as we’ll explore in this article, find out more on this page called “how it works“. If you’ve ever experienced a skin sensitivity to baking soda based deodorants (basically all other natural deodorants other than the salt crystal), then you should try Oxygen deodorant.┬áIt works the same way as baking soda deodorant, killing bacteria that cause body odor, but ZERO3 Deodorant works without skin irritation because it’s just shea butter and beeswax with oxygen. Of course, we also have essential oil scents, so please choose a scent that you know you aren’t allergic to. If you would…

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