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May 2017

ZERO Deodorant – Oxygen Powered De-Stinkerizer – Long Lasting, All Natural, Safe for Sensitive Skin – Daydream (Pink Grapefruit, Lime & Benzoin Essential Oils)

A few thoughts on how to use natural deodorant

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~ A Few Thoughts on How to Use Natural Deodorant ~ Stop thinking it should always last all day every day or through all of your sweatiest workouts, that’s the compromise you make when you decide to live healthier, chemical free and (just maybe) longer. Some of them work really well, sometimes even better, when applied after you are experiencing some body odor. So, maybe keep one at work and one in your gym bag? Maybe, and this is a significant maybe for most people, just maybe don’t put it on every day? I don’t, but the deodorant I use works really well after I smell and I keep a stick in my tennis bag, one at work and one in my car. Stay away from baking soda if you have sensitive skin. If you are switching to natural deodorant because chemical deodorants cause irritation or even skin…

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Why is baking soda considered “natural”?

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Baking soda is included in so many “natural products” now, and touted by many bloggers as a great skin treatment (there are equally as many horror stories and chemical burns that result from its use). Why is it that this chemical is considered “natural” by many intelligent, otherwise discerning individuals? The logic goes, in the deodorant industry, baking soda is NOT aluminum, therefore it must be better. (this is kind of true, I would prefer baking soda to aluminum which is linked to a host of adverse medical outcomes) And, baking soda sounds natural, grandma used it, so….. it must be OK, right? Let’s talk a little bit about what baking soda actually is, from Wikipedia: Sodium bicarbonate (IUPAC name: sodium hydrogen carbonate) is a chemical compound with the formula NaHCO3. It is a salt composed of sodium ions and bicarbonate ions. Sodium bicarbonate is a white solid that is crystalline but often appears as a fine powder. So, it’s a chemical…

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The FDA should regulate baking soda use in cosmetics and “all natural” deodorants

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Baking Soda is a chemical which negatively impacts the delicate balance of the skin. Many companies are using baking soda as an active ingredient in their deodorant formulations, then going to market their products as ‘all natural.’ The FDA is allowing this to continue, and thousands of consumers are breaking out with  rashes and burns due to the altering of the skins pH caused by baking soda, a harsh alkalizing chemical. Because of the chemical nature of Baking Soda, we hereby petition the FDA to regulate this ingredient as a chemical and not allow products labeled “all natural” to continue using baking soda. https://www.change.org/p/fda-fda-should-regulate-baking-soda-in-cosmetics-and-natural-deodorants While we’re at it, let’s check out Wikipedia for a moment… where exactly does Baking Soda come from?  (warning, the writing below may cause flashbacks of high school chemistry) NaHCO3 is mainly prepared by the Solvay process, which is the reaction of sodium chloride, ammonia, and carbon dioxide in water. Calcium…

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Do NOT use Baking Soda on the skin!!

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**Update: 10/3/19. We are leaving this article up in its entirety, because it has sparked a healthy and somewhat heated debate in the comments. As it turns out, baking soda is actually not harmful to all skin types, and does have a place in the ever expanding world of natural skincare products. We have launched a product that makes use of both baking soda AND oxygenated shea butter. There may be helpful information for you in the article, or in the comments below.** BAKING SODA is actually a chemical! This is an important article about some of the science behind baking soda and how it affects the skin. Basically, by altering the skins pH, you are losing a delicate balance of enzymes, healthy bacterial flora, and the integrity of the skins ‘acid mantle’ or protective barrier. Deodorants that contain baking soda are creating a number of negative effects….

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